The Malheur River lies within the Burns Paiute Tribe’s (BPT) former reservation and aboriginal territory. Historically, BPT members gathered roots, hunted, and fished along the Malheur River corridor. The purchase and operation of the Logan Valley and Malheur River wildlife mitigation sites offers Tribal members an opportunity to resume traditional practices and to utilize the culturally important resources found within the area. The goals of the Logan Valley and Malheur River wildlife mitigation projects are to implement habitat protection and enhancement efforts for plant communities to support diverse fish and wildlife assemblages. Management goals include: 1) improving water quality, 2) enhancing upland, wetland, floodplain meadow and riparian habitats, 3) controlling noxious weeds, 4) protecting springs and seeps, 5) managing grazing on the Bureau of Land Management and Department of State Lands allotments to meet wildlife objectives, and 6) preserving cultural resources; and providing public hunting and recreation opportunities.